Forgotten Socks

March 27, 2018

In the past month or so, I've made the decision to self-publish my first book on Amazon. The digital version of Essence will be available for purchase very soon.


Tonight I found myself wondering why I feel so nervous about this book. Is it that I don't like the story as much as my others? Or the characters? Is the writing style worse? Am I dreading negative reviews?



















And then it hit me. I feel anxious when it comes to Essence, because I resonate with the protagonist in such an intimate way. I feel alone because her voice is mine, and that leaves me feeling so connected to her that I begin to doubt her narration as I often doubt myself.


Characters in my other books are different to me, one even a male, and they feel more like companions. I wear their skin to tell their story but then I step out of it and let them conduct it. Abbey Shader is different.


Releasing this book is a sparkly socks moment (refer to previous blog post to mollify confusion). I realise now that I'm too often forgetting to wear them—too often dwelling on what people might think when I do.


So, in saying that, and in the spirit of sparkly socks, I can't wait to introduce you to Abbey Shader.


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